5.1. How will a YouPay order appear in my Shopify Admin? 🧾

YouPay orders will come through a little differently to your regular orders.

When a YouPay order comes through within your Shopify Admin you'll notice it's a little different than usual.

Why are 2 orders being created in my Shopify store?

YouPay uses the Shopify Gift Card API to generate and process 2 orders, one for the Payer and one for the Shopper. Similar to how a user would purchase a digital gift card on your store (the first order), share it with their friend who would then use it to purchase their desired product (the second order).

  1. Payer's order - YouPay uses the Gift Card API to create and issue a new Gift Card product. When the Payer completes a YouPay order, they will be purchasing a Gift Card, titled "YouPay Cart" which is the same value as the Shopper's YouPay Cart. This will be the first Shopify order you will see and will be Tagged 'youpay payer'.
  2. Shopper's order - YouPay then uses the Gift Card that was purchased by the Payer to pay for the Shopper's order. The Shopper's order's fullfillment status will be set as per the default setting on your Shopify store and will be Tagged as 'youpay shopper'. This will be the order that you will need to fullfil and ship to your customer.

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We create orders in this way to ensure that both customers' information are completely separate and private from one another. As a result, ensuring security for both customers if the Payer or Shopper would like to stay anonymous or not reveal all personal information. Another huge benefit of this process means you also acquire two customers instead of one.


Won't there be discrepancies in my Sales data because of how YouPay orders are created and fulfilled? 

Absolutely not - we want to make your life easier, not harder.

YouPay orders come through a little differently, however, they will not interfere with your overall Sales figures as created carts are sectioned as a 'Gift Card' on your online store, while a paid YouPay order will be processed as a regular order and contribute to your general 'Online Store' sales data.


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