7.4. What does YouPay do about fraudulent payment processing? 🚫

Here's some information for how YouPay works to protect your business from fraudulent payment processing.

As YouPay does not intervene when customers process payment for a YouPay cart at your store (you can read more here), we're able to ensure that you can still benefit from the safety and security of Shopify's fraudulent payment processing systems and policies. 

Shopify’s fraud analysis helps you identify orders that could be fraudulent. Review high-risk orders to avoid potential chargebacks, you can learn more in the Shopify Fraud Analysis article here.

If you have an issue with a fraudulent payment or chargeback request, you can learn more about this in the Shopify help centre for Chargebacks  & Inquiries.

Still need support or have an inquiry? Contact the support team at support@youpay.co.