3.5. Let's go live with YouPay 🚀

Giving your customers a new way to create and share carts with YouPay.

Note: You cannot go live with YouPay until the buttons are successfully integrated.

To integrate, navigate to Integrating with Shopify or Integrating YouPay on Shopify with HTML code.

Having trouble selff-integrating? Contact our Integrations team at support@youpay.co.

Now that you have YouPay installed, integrated and have done a test transaction it's time to switch YouPay on to all your customers.

Going Live

Go to Apps > YouPay and toggle the button on to an 'enabled' state.

Previewing YouPay

You can also preview the YouPay buttons on your live store, by adding '?youpay=preview' to the end of your stores' url. If your page already includes a '?', then instead add '&youpay=preview' to the end of your url.

If you have any issues integrating the YouPay components, please contact us at support@youpay.co.