4.2. How do I announce my new integration with YouPay? πŸ“£

How to launch with YouPay and jumpstart your new sales channel πŸš€

So you've just launched on YouPay? Congratulations, and welcome to the platform! πŸ’₯

YouPay now allows your VIP customers, their friends and their family to take part in multiplayer shopping - sharing carts and transacting with one another.


Post an Instagram or Facebook Story! πŸ“£

Make sure you're reaching your audiences on Instagram, Facebook, and EDM so that they know they can start creating and sharing their own carts through your online store!


Run a Launch Promotion with YouPay's Coupon Code Feature! πŸ™Œ

Incentivizing your customers to share carts and transact with one another whilst driving sales to your business can be as easy as starting off with a simple promotion.

To setup your own YouPay Coupon Code, login to your YouPay Merchant Dashboard and follow the guide here.


Run a Competition for your VIP Customers in yours or our YouPay VIP Facebook Group!πŸ’ΈπŸ€

Post to Online Community groups to encourage your VIP customers to connect with one another by sharing their stories, wish lists, and carts to empower everyone to support one another to 'pay it forward when you can, and share your cart when you can't'!'

Don't have a FB Group but want to get started? Click here for some tips and tricks to get started!


For further inspiration, go join a Community yourself!

Here's some of our most engaging and active YouPay x Facebook Group communities that are interacting and using the platform:

Come join us and post a launch promotion to our YouPay VIP Community Facebook Group today - we welcome all merchants, shoppers and payers alike and have a growing community of 3,700+ customers!

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For any further inquiries or support required, please feel free to get in touch with our Support team at support@youpay.co.