How to use the YouPay Admin Area

Learn all about your Admin panel and its various sections

The YouPay Admin Dashboard is your central hub for managing your YouPay orders, customers and stores.

Dashboard Homepage

Starting on the Dashboard homepage, you can view a series of statistics designed to give you a snapshot of your YouPay performance.


Also on this page is a shortcut to the "Getting Started" setup guide, allowing you to easily set up YouPay for the first time.



View a list of all of your YouPay orders. From inside each order, you can quickly see who the recipient of the order is as well as accessing the order's associated YouPay Link.



View a list of your YouPay orders that have been paid for. Compare the payment values and details to your store admin and payment gateway transactions to confirm you have been paid for an order fully before shipping the products to the recipient.



A list of the users who have access to your YouPay Admin. Only one user account is available at this stage with the ability to add additional users coming soon.



A list of customers who have used YouPay at your store. This includes both recipients (the people who created the YouPay links) and payers (the people who have had the YouPay link sent to them).


Payment Gateways

Add and edit your payment gateways from this section. Choose how your payers pay for the YouPay Links they receive. For further information on Payment Gateways visit the Payment Gateways support section.



A list of the stores you have configured YouPay on. From this area, you can modify the store logo that appears on your YouPay Links.