7.3. How does YouPay bill me? 🧾

With Shopify's integrated Billing system, you'll never need to worry about managing your fee deductions from YouPay.

The great news is, is that YouPay is a free-to-use tool for your Shoppers and Merchants alike.

With our unique cart-sharing functionality, YouPay allows your shoppers to shop and share their carts with one another in a whole new way than ever before! 

However, when a YouPay cart is paid for on the platform at your store, YouPay will then bill any relevant merchant commission fees for YouPay sales at the end of each working day.

How can I review my Monthly YouPay Billing charges?

In your Shopify store, navigate to 'Settings' -> 'Billing' -> select the relevant bill that you'd like to review, then click 'Apps' -> scroll down to 'YouPay - Multiplayer Shopping' to review the total of the 'Usage Charges' for that period.

How do I review my YouPay sales? Learn more here.

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My Shopify Billing Charge totals and YouPay Billing charge totals are different... Why?

It's important to note that all billing charges are represented in YouPay as AUD (Australian Dollar) value, whereas Shopify's Billing charges are represented in a USD (United States Dollar) value.

If you still have further questions or inquiries about the YouPay Billing process, please feel free to contact our team directly at support@youpay.co.