5.3. How are refunds and exchanges handled on YouPay orders? 💵

What to do when a YouPay customer (a Shopper or a Payer) requests a refund or exchange.

As YouPay uses your store's existing payment gateway to process a payment, a YouPay refund or exchange is handled through your existing eCommerce platform (e.g. Shopify).

As YouPay creates an order for each customer, a refund or exchange needs to be handled differently depending on which customer is making the request:

  • Payer requests a refund or exchange - if the person who made the payment (Payer) requests a refund or exchange, it is effectively too late as the Payers' funds have been used to pay for the Shopper's order.

    If you do decide to give a refund (e.g. a product is out of stock), process the refund via your existing eCommerce platform just like any other refund.

  • Shopper requests a refund - if the person who has had their cart paid for (Shopper) requests a refund, it is our recommendation that only a store credit or exchange is offered as the Shopper has not actually paid for the order.

  • Shopper requests an exchange - if the person who has had their cart paid for (Shopper) requests an exchange, it is our recommendation that this is granted.

Overall, our recommendation is to follow very similar processes to a Gift Card refund/exchange scenario.

If you're having trouble with a customer inquiry and require technical or customer service support, please contact our team at support@youpay.co.