7.2. How do I get paid through YouPay? 💰

YouPay helps facilitate cart-sharing at your store without taking any payments at all!

When a customer is ready to pay for a cart on YouPay, YouPay ensures that their payment is always taken through your traditional Shopify Payments portal.

YouPay does not take payment for any of your YouPay carts that are paid for.

See below how a Paying customer will be forwarded from YouPay into your stores' Payment portal below.

To see how this works for our customers in real-time, create a cart at any of our Merchant Partners' stores by 'Creating a test cart'.

How does YouPay bill me? Learn more here.

How do I review my YouPay sales? Learn more here.

If you still have further questions or inquiries about the YouPay Billing process, please feel free to contact our team directly at support@youpay.co.