3.4. Adding your Logo for YouPay 👈

Almost ready to go live with YouPay on your Online Store? Let's add your logo!

To ensure that your branding is present when you're customers are using YouPay through your online store, you'll need to upload a version of your logo.

Here's how you upload your logo:

1. Log in to your Merchant Dashboard: app.youpay.ai/login

2. Through the sidebar menu available to you on your left-hand side, click 'Stores' and click the 'Edit' icon on the right side of the relevant store

3. Scroll down the 'Store Details' page and click 'Choose File'

4. Upload a relevant copy of your logo that is consistent with your online store.



And finally, create a test cart to check if your logo is showing in your YouPay environment before you can get ready to go live!

If you have issues with your logo, test cart creation, or with anything else, please contact support@youpay.co with your logo or a description of your issue for further support.