4.2. You've gone live with YouPay - now, let's create a test cart! 👨‍💻

Learn how to a test cart with YouPay before you go live to your customers.

So, you're ready to go live with YouPay? Exciting times! First, let's create a test cart.

With your new YouPay integration now live on your online store, your customers will be able to utilise YouPay to create and share carts with others. Following a few simple steps, you can simulate the user experience by creating a test cart.


1. Create a cart on your online store from the 'Shoppers' end with YouPay.  🛒

  • Head to your online store and navigate to an individual product 
    • Click 'Get it Paid for you with YouPay' within the product page itself, or
    • Click 'Add to Cart' for multiple items and then 'Get it Paid for you with YouPay' when you're ready to checkout with YouPay
  • Complete all relevant customer information (Email, Name, Address, and a Shipping option) and click 'Create your YouPay link'
  • Click 'Copy your cart link now' to copy the URL that your customers will share with others for payment


2. Load the cart from the 'Payers' end with YouPay. 💳

  • Open a new window to paste and load the saved cart link
  • Click 'Pay now' to ensure that you're transferred back to the Online Store for your usual payment processing options


If you're able to create a cart link as a 'Shopper' and load your cart link as a 'Payer', then you're all good to go!

Congratulations, you can now Go Live with YouPay!

Any issues with accessing your account or creating and loading your YouPay carts, please contact support@youpay.co for further support.