5.4. How do I create a Coupon Code to promote YouPay to my customers? 🤔

Here, you'll learn how to create a 'Coupon Code' specific to the YouPay environment to be used for YouPay specific Promotions.

The best way to incentivize your customers to drive sales on YouPay is by utilizing the 'Coupon Code' feature to run Promotions! To set up your Coupon Code's follow the guide below.


1. Creating your Coupon Code.

As this Coupon Code will be specific to YouPay, you'll need to create this within your YouPay Merchant Dashboard. To do this:

  • Login to your Merchant Dashboard - https://app.youpay.ai/merchant/login
  • Navigate to 'Coupons' -> click 'Add Coupon'
  • Create a unique Coupon and ensure that you add a value for your Coupon within the 'Value' field before clicking 'Add Coupon' to finalize the creation.


2. Redeem the code on your online store in the YouPay environment.

Before creating any promotions with the created coupon code, you'll want to double check it works. To test this:

  • Navigate to your online store
  • Add to your cart and checkout with YouPay
  • Apply the newly created Coupon code when prompted to in the YouPay environment


If you see your code apply the relevant discount, then you're all set to started promoting this to your customers! Remember that you'll see the best results by doing this on your relevant social media avenues like; Instagram, Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, etc.


What about my Shopify discount codes already setup - will they work in the YouPay environment?
  • No. You'll need to create a code as above in the YouPay Merchant Dashboard if you'd like the discount code to be redeemable in YouPay.

If you're having any troubles creating a coupon code or redeeming this in the YouPay environment, please contact our support team immediately at support@youpay.co.